Club History

Our History

There was a popular myth that the Port Sydney Yacht Club began in the 1930’s.  One winter there were cottagers from Toronto and Buffalo who wanted to meet at a hotel between the two cities.  As this was a time liquor restriction in Ontario and the US, the only way to have drinks at the party was to obtain a permit, and the only way to get a permit was to be a recognized Club.  Thus was born the Port Sydney Yacht Club, which was said to consist of two canoes and one rowboat.

When the first races were held in the late 50’s there was no committee boat and no Race Committee.  The race signals were provided by Dick Simpson who stood on Bill Clarke’s raft in Port Sydney Bay and blew a series of whistles to indicate the timing.  After Dick signalled  Start, he jumped in his boat which had been held to the raft by his wife/crew, Jackie, and the race was on!

-Elspeth Hogg

“For generations, the PSYC has truly been the social hub of Mary Lake. The cottage wouldn’t be the same without it.”

The Gledhill Family

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