2019 Season

The summer of 2019 was a banner year for the PSYC.  Thanks to the very capable leadership of Margot Douglas Ballagh, the Membership climbed to 52 members, a new scoring system was created and adopted with enthusiasm by the sailors courtesy of Rob Ballagh, Greg Crawford became the Club photographer with beautiful results and the year-end party was A rousing success with 80 guests and another successful ping pong tournament which yielded the winning team of__________.


The John Murphy Memorial Award for a non-adult sailor who helped keep the spirit of the PSYC going for the next generation was awarded to Edward Gledhill! Keep up the great sailing and enthusiasm, Edward! 

Jane Earthy presented the Anchor Memorial Award in memory of her father to Brad Dibble recognizing him for his past service as a Commodore and his work to save the planet. Congratulations Brad!

Following the sailing awards, certificates were presented as tokens of appreciation for outstanding service to the club for the 2019 season to the following volunteers: 

Bruce Hall – Race Committee

John Douglas Sr. – Race Committee

Doug Golding – Race Committee

Sharon Vance – Crash Boat

Stephanie Johnson – Crash Boat

John Hogg – Race Mark Setter

Warren Hall – Race Mark Setter 

Elspeth Hogg – Treasurer 

Greg Crawford – Photographer

Rob Ballagh– Scorekeeper, Leader Board Initiative, CAA liaison 

Brian Howell – Logowear Co-ordinator 

These 2019 volunteers received gift certificates for PSYC ball caps that they can have personalized, compliments of the club. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm! See you next year…

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