Website Updates

Just a quick one – we’ve got some updates and news for the site!

Club History

Find the Club History page by clicking here.

If there’s anyone with content ideas or their personal stories in relation to the PSYC, please get in touch with our Media Manager, or any of our commodores. Photos (bonus points if they include the year) are especially welcome for some more things to populate the section of the website.


Find the communications page by clicking here.

Find the Newsletters page by clicking here.

We’ve added a new section for communications (encompassing Blog Posts – like this one – and Newsletters). If you want to access the club newsletters, we have attached them in the Newsletters section of the site. Press ‘click here’ next to the newsletter’s date to download the PDF. We hope this feature is useful!

If there is any feedback on the site, content suggestions or anything you want to raise, feel free to contact me using the details below.


Vice Commodore and Website/Media Manager

Welcome to the PSYC Website!

It would seem that amidst the current COVID-19 crisis, PSYC’s technology and internet presence is getting an upgrade! Welcome to the new website – and the soon-to-be home for all club information, club history, updates (in the form of blog posts, like these) and race information.

Don’t worry…. we will still be sending out the customary e-Newsletter (or see ‘Newsletters’ under ‘Communications’ on this website) to provide easy access to information; however much of the information from it will be found here. We will include links to our latest posts that will have the weekly standings, as well as pre-race information such as the weather, the course, any party reminders, and safety concerns or important things to note.

Amongst the additions will be a club history page, and weekly posts before the race to inform members about weather, the course, and any party reminders, and a post afterwards to give the scores and images from our official photographer.

With that, I invite you to explore the website at your leisure. As we have just published it, changes and updates will be ongoing in the near future, so stay tuned!

Until next time

Sue, Stephanie and Edward

2020 Commodores